Q. I want to complain about how long it took to get through Biggar on Rally day.  To whom do I complain?

A. Please feel free to contact the Chairman of the Biggar Albion Foundation Ltd at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. On Rally Day, the Chairman can be found via the Secretary's Tent which is a large marquee near the main car park.

We are aware that the rally generates a lot of traffic around the town of Biggar, and that for those people travelling between Edinburgh and the M74 there can be lengthy delays.  We do have notices put up on the motorway gantry signs on Edinburgh Bypass and the M74 near Abington.  We also have signs placed at strategic points indicating an alternative route avoiding Biggar should be taken for those who do not wish to attend the rally.  We pay for Police pointsmen to control the traffic flow into the rally field in order to speed up the flow of traffic.  We are a charity, everyone is a volunteer, and we would ask for your understanding, patience and co-operation.

To avoid Biggar when coming from Edinburgh heading to M74 (these are only suggested routes):

Option 1 - Take the M8 to the junction with the M73 and thence to the M74 (other routes are available)

Option 2 - Travel on A702 as far as Melbourne Crossroads and then turn right and go through Elsrickle, Carnwath, Carstairs Junction, Hyndford Bridge thence to the M74.

Option 3 - Travel on A702 as far as Melbourne Crossroads and turn left, then go through Broughton, Moffat and thence to the M74.

Similarly reverse these routes for the opposite direction.

Arriving at Abington from the South, heading for Edinburgh, either continue up the M74 to the M8, or take the B7078 which runs parallel to the M74 up to the Douglas Water junction, through Rigside and down to the Hyndford Bridge, over the bridge, right to Carstairs Junction, then Carnwath, Elsrickle (A721) onto A702 (or Carnwath then A70 to Edinburgh).

We are aware that the general public may feel frustrated and wish to complain to the volunteers running the rally but we would ask you please to direct your comments to the chairman only, because the volunteers are for the most part only involved for the one day and have no input into the running of the event and are really just helping out.

Q. I wish to bring my classic vehicle but I have not entered and the entry date has now passed.

A. By all means arrive in your vehicle, but you will have to pay to enter and park in the public car park.  We cannot accommodate any late entries.

Q. I'd like to bring a stall but the entry date has now passed.

A. Sorry, we cannot accommodate any late stall entries as the field has to be carefully planned and marked out.

Q. Do you have disabled parking?

A. Yes.  You MUST show your blue badge prominently when you arrive at the payment stations.  You will then be directed appropriately.

Q. Do I have to pay for parking?

A. Parking is included with your entry payment.

 Q. Can I help?

A. By all means.  Please contact us in the first instance or come along on the day and visit the Albion tent in the central area.

 Q, What is the quickest way out of the rally field by car?

A. The general public cannot exit by the A702 main gates as a one-way system is in operation for the majority of the day.  To exit for Edinburgh, follow the Exit signs for Edinburgh. This will take you down through the overflow car park to Broughton Road, turn left and thence to Broughton where you would turn left and head towards Edinburgh.  You can also turn right at Broughton if you want to go to Moffat and thence to the M74 south.

To exit for Glasgow from the main car park, follow the exit signs to the south end of the main car park, turn right just before the big green shed, follow the road round the side of the shed and turn right onto Scabbit Rigs. At the end of Scabbit Rigs, you will be on Leafield Road - turn right to go along Leafield Road to the A702 then left and through Biggar.  To exit from the overflow car park, go down the hill and out the gate, turning left for Edinburgh or Moffat via Broughton or right for Glasgow (through Biggar).

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