The Albion Archive provides a service to Albion Club members to help them reclaim the original registration number for Albion vehicles.  The Archive staff undertake this on behalf of the Albion Club and they can look through the build sheets to find evidence of the age of the vehicle, and very often there is documentary evidence of the registration number of the vehicle in the Albion Vehicle Database.

To reclaim your original vehicle number from the DVLA, you will need to fill in two forms to send to the DVLA. 

  • The V55/5 which can only be obtained from a local DVLA office, or by following this link, when it will be posted to you.  It is a two-part NCR (no carbon required) form and therefore cannot be downloaded.

  • The V765 which can be downloaded from the DVLA site.

Once you have these forms, fill them in as best you can, omitting any entries on the V55/5 that were not relevant to the vehicle when it was originally registered (such as CO2 emissions etc) then contact the archive and we will arrange for a club member to inspect the vehicle to ensure the chassis plate numbers match the records.  You would then send us the V765 to us to fill in the club section of the form.  We then return the form to you with the vehicle inspection report for submission to the DVLA.  There may be a charge for the inspection.  The vehicle inspection is not an MOT, it is simply to ensure the vehicle exists, is a genuine Albion, the chassis number is visible on the chassis plate and that the various serial numbers match up with the build sheet.

The whole process is detailed on the FBHVC website of which we are a member.

We currently charge £50 for this service to non-members, or £25 to members.  We recommend you join the club. 

The vehicle inspection charge is separate from this and depends on the distance an inspector needs to travel.

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