These galleries contain images of interest to the Albion enthusiast, film buff, as well as the casual onlooker.  We have photos taken at film shoots.  Various of our Albions have been on TV (Dr Finlay's Case Book) and in films, including Regeneration, Once Upon A Time In Fife (to be released as The Happy Lands) and Cloud Atlas

We also have photos from Peter Quinn's collection, reproduced here with his kind permission.

Filming - Cloud Atlas

An Albion KL127 belonging to Tommy Murray of Biggar was driven by Brian Craigie, the Albion Foundation Chairman, to Edinburgh on 22nd Sep 2011 and was filmed on the 23rd at the City Chambers and on Marine Parade.  Brian was put in costume and took part in the filming.

Peter Quinn

Some photos of Albions courtesy of Peter Quinn

Peter Quinn's photographs of Albions

C20 Engine Overhaul

We thought you, the casual viewer, might be interested to see a rare glimpse of 1920's technology inside the gearbox, the engine block with the head off, the valve timing gear and a big end bearing with a white metal defect.  There are also some photos of the points in the magneto.

The engine is now away to an engine expert for assessment.  What we do know is that two pistons are 25 thou oversize and two are 12.5 thou oversize, so there would seem to be a bit of an imbalance there - at some point, probably while it was in normal service, it was overhauled and times being hard had only two cylinders rebored.  Also, the compression is only around 50 PSI, not even getting into the green section of the compression tester.  Although we are aware it is an elderly engine, the compression should be at least 100psi.  We've already ground in the valves, and checked the piston rings are loose and unbroken, so this loss is most likely due to worn cylinders, which is hardly surprising after nearly a hundred years!  Watch this space.



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